Dangers in the Wilderness

A Reality Check on Wilderness Dangers


Info on How to Avoid a Mountain Lion Attack is Below! *


Drowning: Major danger

Sliding & Falls: Biggest danger in the wilderness!

Rockfalls, Avalanches, Landslides: Rare danger

Lightening Strikes: Rare danger

Freezing, Cold Winds: Major cause of problems

Sun & Heat: Major cause of problems and distress

Wildfire: Extremely rare

Wildlife: Very rare


With all we hear about the dangers of wild animals, it is hard to imagine that interactions are rare.  What if you meet a (card-carrying) member of the wildlife community?

Tips for Staying Alive


You might be amused to see ‘deer’ included in dangerous wildlife.  However, they can be extremely dangerous.

See my previous story: “Amazing Info of 2008: Published by (Gasp) Others!”  Read about Randy Goodman (bottom half of the article), who learned  about “UN-dead” deer the hard way!

You Should…

Be cautious around a deer that is down.  Make sure he is really dead.  After making various other tests … the gold standard is:  If you can touch a deer’s eye, he’s dead.

Things That May Cause Deer to Attack

  • Being startled
  • Rutting

How You Can Stay Safe

  • If you’re not hunting, make noise while moving
  • During rutting,  stay out-of-the-way and near cover

If a Deer is Coming AT You

  • Stop because he will run away if he can
  • If you’re attacked, run and find some cover
  • Hitting, kicking and yelling is a  (poor 3rd) and least-helpful choice


Mountain Lion

You Should…

  • Avoid areas where mountain lions are known to live
  • Be careful around areas with steep, wooded land
  • Watch yourself in bushy, rocky land

Things That May Cause Mountain Lion to Attack

  • If their young are nearby
  • If the cat is wounded
  • If the cat is hungry
  • If you are running away like his usual prey would

How You Can Stay Safe

  • Don’t approach a lion kill (unless you want to be dessert)
  • Don’t approach ANY mountain lion
  • Don’t decide to break in your new jogging shoes in lion country!

If a Mountain Lion is Coming AT You

  • Stop
  • Do NOT make eye contact with lion
  • Make yourself look “big” and yell loudly (Your TARZAN yell might work). Be sure to beat your chest!
  • If attacked, this is no time to fight back …
  • Instead, curl up to protect your vital organs
  • Yell, hit and kick … only as (a poor and) a last choice!


Next week: We will take on bears, snakes and other wildlife!


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