Are You Lost? Staying Alive Until You Are Found!

No, I’m not referring to being lost in the holiday rush!


In most wilderness areas, a compass is more useful than a cell phone! *


This posting is about getting lost — in the wilderness – or being  separated from your group while skiing – or when stranded in your vehicle, far from help.

What Matters Most?

Being surrounded by shopping malls, gas stations and take-out restaurants, few of us think about how easy it is to die while waiting for rescue!

Did You Know?

  • We can survive without air for about 3 minutes!
  • We can survive without warmth for about 3 hours!
  • We can survive without water for about 3 days!
  • We can survive without food for about 3 weeks!

What Can YOU Do?

Believe it or not, admitting that you are lost is an important first step!  Why?   Think about the last time you were lost, and “somebody” refused to stop to ask for directions.

Until a human admits to being lost, he/she wastes precious energy and resources trying to get ‘UN-lost.’

Once they admit to being lost, the instinct for survival seems to ‘kick in’  and folks are more likely to make better decisions.

When You Are Lost … STOP!

Each letter in the word ‘STOP’ stands for some clever tips!


  • Moving wastes energy
  • It’s harder to find a moving target
  • Moving around increases our anxiety!


  • How can you help yourself?
  • What do you have around you that you can use?
  • What do you have with you that you can use?
  • What can you do for yourself to assure your safety & comfort (until you are found)?


  • Activities (starting a fire, finding shelter, etc.)
  • Your time (Keep busy with useful tasks, not energy wasters).
  • Things you have (blanket, compass, wood & tinder for a fire, etc.)


  • For changing weather conditions!
  • For the night-time
  • For your safety and comfort while lost
  • How can you signal to those trying to find you?

These Tips … Help you help yourself!

Instead of increasing your problems (and becoming more frightened), these tips will help you to focus your energies into useful actions!


* Since few 4 legged animals  “phone home,”  there are precious few cell phone towers ‘in the wild!’


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