On the Trail of a Javelina!

A ‘Javelina’ By Any Other Name … Still Stinks! *

In South Texas, we refer to these ugly little pigs as ‘javelina’s.’  However, they have plenty of other names/nicknames:

  • collared peccary (Tayassu Tajacu), 

    2 Things You Will Notice Immediately: They're UGLY and They STINK!

  • brush pig,
  • musk pig,
  • Mexican pig,
  • desert pig

As adults,  these peccaries are about 36 to 51 inches long (90 to 130 centimeters) and  weigh in at 44 to 88 lbs (20 to 40 kilograms).

Comparing ‘Javelinas’ to ‘Feral Hogs’

Javelinas are the only pig-like creatures native to North America!  Wild hogs, razorbacks or feral pigs, are all descendants of the European pigs/hogs imported to the Americas long ago. Thus, ‘feral pigs’ and ‘javelinas’ are completely different species.

Javelinas are native to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, Mexico, Central and South America.

One of the most important distinctions between javelinas and  their cousins is:

  • wild pigs can be domesticated,
  • javelinas are forever wild!

Historical Uses of Javelinas and Wild Hogs

Once upon a time, these brush pigs were hunted for sport, their meat and their hides.  After tanning, peccary hides became:

  • gloves,
  • bags and purses,
  • the upper portion of shoes, and
  • their bristles were turned into brushes.

Now, however, no javelina parts may be sold.

Hunting for the Collared Peccary or the Wild Hog

As with most game hunting,  it is important to know their habits in order to hunt for them successfully.  There are some important differences in hunting javelina vs. wild hogs.

Both species are omnivores.  Their favorite foods:  cacti (!), grasses, roots and  tubers.


A Quick Look at Tomorrow’s Entry ….

One thing you need above all others when javelina hunting is — a paid-up insurance policy! Make sure you have this little stinker ‘dead to rights’ before shooting.

These are ‘mean mama’s’ when injured.  Javelinas are totally devoid of a sense of humor.  Maybe it’s all that cactus they eat!


* There will be more about the collared peccary’s awful smell in Part 2!


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