Hunting for Javelina and Wild Swine!

Wild Boar – Wild Swine – Feral Pig


Wild boar Smell Better than Javelina, but Don't Look Much More Attractive!


Wild boar were brought to the Americas from Europe as a domesticated food source many generations ago. Some strayed and became our ‘wild swine.’

In order to adapt to their environment, these ‘wild ones’ grew tusks and stronger snouts.  Obviously, pigs fed by man have little need of tusks and digging snouts.

What Hunters Need to Know

The senses of wild swine are very well developed.  However, the javelina is not so lucky.  Their sense of smell is excellent; but their sense of hearing is fairly poor and their sense of sight is poor.

Experienced hunters tend to listen for peccaries; table-manners are absent from the DNA of javelinas and, … well … they ‘eat like pigs.’  The noise of the peccary’s eating helps hunters get close enough to  shoot.

Javelina is Exciting to Hunt

Make sure you have this little stinker ‘dead to rights’ before shooting.  Javelinas are totally devoid of a sense of humor (Maybe it is because of all that cactus they eat!).

It’s an awesome experience to try to outsmart this wily and potentially dangerous creature! Generally, shooting a peccary is not the first choice of a hunter, around here.

However, things happen. When deer are in short supply at a hunting site, javelina make a ‘wild-and-woolly’ second choice.  You never know what they will do!

A javelina’s first instinct is to run away. However, they can become dangerous when cornered or once they are wounded.  It’s too late, at this point, to check on increasing your life insurance!  (; -)

These are ‘mean mama’s’ when injured.  They are definitely  Old Testament guys  with a belief in  ‘an eye for an eye.’  Hunting javelina is thrilling and scary!


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