Adding Decoys to your Goose & Duck Hunting

Duck/Goose Decoys


Decoys Tell Ducks Flying Overhead, "Yum, there's plenty to eat here."


Even if your budget is tight, a few decoys are important to any duck or goose hunter.  MDH,*  in the early days, had a few realistic decoys for the edges — and filled in the center of his hunting area with newspaper or folded diapers!

My husband encouraged both of our kids graduate to underwear ASAP so he could have their diapers for decoys! When Richard started hunting, painting your own decoys was the standard!

Selecting Duck/Goose Decoys

I consider the 3 most important things to learn about the decoys you are considering are:

  1. How much do they weigh?
  2. How heavy are the decoys? … and
  3. Will you be able to carry them where you need them freezing rain?

Most people look at price and the decoy’s looks without considering how easy the decoys are to carry and/or move around. This is a mistake.  You will have plenty of time to kick yourself for a poor choice (of heavy, odd-shaped, ineffective decoys)!

Getting the Drop on Decoys

Before dropping a wad of money in your sporting goods store, ask around.  What types do others feel are worth the money?  Is there any place these decoys are ineffective? Must you have a lot of them to have a convincing stand of decoys?


More Soon: I’m flying today and hope to write more tomorrow!


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