Using Hunting Blinds to Increase Your Success in Duck, Goose Hunting

The Importance of Concealment


Concealment is an Important Part of Bird Hunting!


It is a known fact that concealment is an important factor in duck & goose hunting success.  But is camouflage – camo clothing – enough?  No, not really.  Remember that with a goose or duck’s life on the line, he/she tends to watch for hunters rather carefully.

However, to ensure success in hunting ducks and geese, you must control your movement!  One of the best way to hide your movements is to use a blind.

Blinds Come in a Variety of Shapes & Sizes

There are lots of low-cost solutions to the problem of hiding from duck and geese.  You just need to look around you and adapt your idea to your surroundings.

For instance, if you plan to  hunt in a cornfield, use corn stalks as your blind.  If you find yourself in rushes — make your blind of rushes!

It is important to use natural materials that fit into the environment where you are hunting.  Ducks and geese aren’t dumb … and they aren’t about to give up their lives to a dumb stunt like sitting out in a field, hoping the birds won’t notice you.

If you find yourself in a hayfield, gather up the grass into mounds and crawl into the center.  If you hunt  in the same place each year (lucky you), it helps to prepare your blind early and set it  in place, so the ducks get used to seeing it.

Duck & Goose Hunting from a Boat

Your boat should be camo’d for two reasons.  First, birds recognize boats as objects of the enemy.

Second, allowing the sun to glint off any part of your boat is a dead give-away of your presence.

Talking about glinting objects: Is your gun totally matte black?  If not,  you should acquire some camo patterned matte vinyl material to your gun stock to disguise it from the birds.


No matter how creative or  expensive your blind, your movements will scare birds away.  All the decoys in the world won’t entice game to come down … if they see a moving figure!

If you can’t sit still, you won’t be a success in bagging your limit of birds.


Full Disclosure: Although I sell blind materials, I will not mention them in this article.  My mission in this blog is to share information.


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