Using Binoculars & Optics in Hunting

The suggestions included below will be of most value to beginning hunters.

Binocular Sizes

Binocular glasses are an important tool for hunters.  In order to be a successful hunter, you must  see the deer (or other game) before they see you!

A good range of power is between seven and eight power.  Typical optic choices are:  (7 x 35), (7 x 50), (8 x 30), (8 x 40), (8 x 42) and (8 x 56).  The most common choice for hunters is (8 x 40).

But what does this mean? One x = what you can see with the naked eye.  Thus, a 7x binocular promises to magnify an image 7 times larger than with the naked eye.

There is a direct relationship between power (size) and the brightness and view of an image. Remember that, in general, lower power optics offer brighter images and a wider field of vision.

Binocular Lens Diameters

(This will be an article on its own.  The facts a prospective owner needs to know cannot be covered in 200 words. Thus, I will cover this topic in detail in a future article …. with the exception of the next comment.)

The diameter of your lens determines the binocular’s ability to gather light. When the lens is larger, it lets in more light so you can see things in greater detail.

If you want more light during the hours when deer are most active (dawn and dusk), then 7 x 50 is a great choice.

Bigger Isn’t Better

If you are going to use these binoculars for deer hunting, don’t let anyone talk you into buying high-powered binoculars (10x). Most hunters wear the binoculars around their necks, so they are handy for quick use.

Ten power binoc’s are heavy and they become progressively more uncomfortable – the longer you wear them. ‘Neck strain’ sounds pretty goofy … until you experience it.  Ask me how I know!

Water Resistant vs. Waterproof

You will find yourself in too many humid and water-filled situations to trust “water-resistant” glasses. I wouldn’t trust any binoc’s that weren’t waterproof!


Next Time: More info about Binocular Lens Diameters.


Full Disclosure: Although I sell binoculars and other optics, I will not mention them in this article.  My mission is to share information about using the proper equipment while hunting!


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