Using a Spotting Scope While Hunting

Spotting Scopes and the Hunter


A Spotting Scope on a Tripod


Hunters who hunt for mule deer often consider a spotting scope to be their best friend.   Must you have  a spotting scope if you are hunting mule deer (or other large game)? No, but it makes the job a lot easier!

In a recent post, I mentioned that you do not want to carry a 10x pair of binoculars around your neck for any length of time.  Well, imagine dragging along something with 20x!

The Beauty of a Spotting Scope

There seems to be a direct relationship between the size of the game and the distance from which you need to spot them.  In other words, large game roams over larger areas and are weighed down with clever ways to out-fox the hunter.

If they can smell you or see you … they are GONE! How do you combat this problem?  With a spotting scope.

A spotting scope on a tripod will help you see over long distances while hunting in open country.  In fact, trophy hunters admit that a spotting scope is one of their most important pieces of gear!

Leave the “Sissy” Spotting Scopes on the Shelf

Your spotting scope will get plenty of wear.  Unless you only set-up your scope in your front parlor (to admire its looks), you need one that is durable and sturdy. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty…things happen.

Spotting Scopes and Muleys

To get a shot at a mule deer, you will probably be shooting from a great distance — as much as 300 yards. Muleys tend to roam over large expanses of open territory. And this is where spotting scopes are at their best.

From the photo with this article, you can see that a scope is really a small telescope.  Because of its modest size, this tool is really versatile.

Other Things to Look For in a Scope

You’ll want all the clarity and brightness your scope can muster while hunting in the pre-dawn and sunset hours.  In the store, don’t be afraid of trying out several.

Compare the brightness and clarity of the image on one object (it’s easier to compare when the object is the same) — a trophy buck on the wall, a ceiling fixture, whatever.  Also compare the ‘field of view’ — you will want to see a large expanse at one time.

Another thing I’d want in a scope is a carrying case.  These are fine instruments and they deserve to be treated well.


Full Disclosure: I sell binoculars and other optics. However, my mission in this article is to share information about using the proper equipment while hunting!


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