Do You Store an Acetylene Bottle in Your Trunk?

A Lesson in Las Vegas

This is a quote from Ron Butcher, Clark County Safety Officer:


A Blast in Las Vegas!


“The extensive damage in the images shown below was caused by an acetylene tank that was leaking inside a plumber’s van.

Please ensure that we aren’t storing ANY flammables inside County owned vehicles. Please feel free to share this information with anyone you may know in the trades or who may carry flammables inside their POV.”


The Plumber's Former Van!

Thanks to Mike Shumaker of Parks & Recreation for providing this information!

The Facts – Not on

This is the result of a leaking Acetylene bottle stored in a plumber’s van 10-22-09.

Accidentally ignited by activating a remote door lock device!


'There Goes the Neighborhood!'



Note the Info in the Top Right Corner!


Looking at the Former Van from the Air!



Fascinating Look from the Air!


I Wonder How Much the Plumber's Auto Insurance Rates Went Up!


This is tangible proof that ‘What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!’

Other Viewers

While checking the Internet to make sure these are legit photos, I found some interesting comments.

On Fast Freddie’s Fabrications, there was some discussion and then Cory asks, “Well boys and girls what is the moral of this story?”

Idoxlr8 sagely says, “Don’t open a vehicle with a remote unless you are wearing body armor and a helmet.”


These photos are making the rounds of forums dedicated to welders, plumbers, etc.  These are graphic reminders of the dangers of mishandling chemicals.

MDH * sent them to me; they were distributed to the workers at the chemical plant where he works!


This blog is a companion to my website:


* MDH = My Deer Husband or “He Who Likes to be Obeyed … but rarely is.”



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