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Yesterday, I happened upon an article by Dave Richey — ‘Studying Deer Can Teach Valuable Lessons.’

I think he makes a great point about hunters concentrating on the actions of the bucks and discounting — or ignoring — the does and fawns.

Flying in the Face of Conventional Wisdom

My favorite part, however, was in reference to: noticing things about deer that fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

“Sometimes deer do the unexpected. Deer in many Michigan areas move from west to east in the evening, and from east to west in the morning. This flies in the face of what old-time deer hunters have told us when they said that deer always travel into the wind.

That’s just not true. They often travel downwind, and may switch and go crosswind if they wish, and occasionally will travel into the wind. Those that turn and go into the wind are usually suspicious of something. Deer that always travel into the wind may have been shot at or was spooked by a hunter sometime in the past. Deer travel how and where they want if undisturbed by hunters.” (From Dave Richey Outdoors, Dec. 5, 2009)

After reading this, all I can say is, “This man knows deer!”

Who is Dave Richey?

While reading, I realized this was an articulate man with quite a bit of experience under his belt. However, who was speaking with such authority?

Google soon gave me the answer!  Mr. Richey is “a retired staff outdoor writer and photographer from The Detroit News.”  Before long, I found his “home” – Dave Richey Outdoors.

Mr. Richey posts regularly about things hunters care about!  His photography isn’t too shabby either!

To learn something new, take a look at his blog.  His Archives are chock-full of valuable information!


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