Creating a Great Blind for Deer That Aren’t!

When Nature Provides the Blind

The easiest blind is one that already occurs in nature; you just step into position and make use of a fortunate placement  of fallen logs, a copse of lush grass, whatever.

Concealment for Bow Hunters is Particularly Crucial - They Generally Only Get One Shot!

Of course, the best ones are near rut rubbings or food sources.

Another easy blind is arranging a hiding place near an established trail.  As long as you  remain part of the background, you have a good chance to take aim at an unsuspecting whitetail.

What do you do when there’s no natural cover or concealment?  What can you do on land that is virtually ‘bald prairie?’

Creating a Ground Blind

This is where the excellent hunter outshines the ‘also rans.’  Look around, what part of the deer’s habitat that you can use?

If you are on ‘bald prairie,’ are there any shrubs, dead stands of corn plants or bales of hay around ?  Chopping branches and dragging them into an impromptu blind, may solve your problem.

The lower to the ground you are (so you don’t stand out), the better.  Bringing and using a camo blanket might work.  The goal is to blend into the deer’s normal surroundings.

Scouting the land where you plan to hunt is always high on my list of “shoulds” before deer season begins.  This gives you an opportunity to think about cover that might out-fox your prey.

A Few Ideas

  • Building a giant blind the day you plan to hunt is a waste of time.  The deer might help you build it if they don’t die of laughter first!
  • Whatever you use should have a low profile.
  • It should break up your outline!

Things To Remember

  • Blend into your surroundings.
  • Remember to cover your back. Stack material behind you so that deer cannot see your head and shoulders.
  • You need something that helps hide your movements!


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