Part 2: Using the ‘Tending Grunt’ to Call Deer


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This is a continuation of the previous article – ‘What Deer Are Saying!’ Although it is impossible to clearly explain on paper exactly the sounds deer make, the purpose of this article is to explain how these sounds are useful to a deer hunter!

Sporting goods stores have recordings of deer sounds that you can buy.  By imitating the various sounds of the deer with your deer caller(s), you may be able to call a deer into range.

The Tending Grunt

During the rut, when a deer sees a doe, he starts following her and  signals his intention by grunting in low, rhythmic sounds, called the tending grunt.

It sounds something like a  deep burp, burp, burp with a separate clicking noise.  New hunters say that it sounds like a pig grunting – at some distance.

Applying this to Hunting

How do we apply this to hunting?  When using this particular call,  nearby bucks know that another buck is close and he’s following a ‘hot’ (ready to breed) doe.  With such information, he will be ready to join the chase.

Even better, the dominant buck may hear.  Now he’s going to be concerned that there’s an unknown buck  chasing his hot doe!  Because he’s top buck, he’s sure he can beat any stray deer that wanders into his territory.

Even young bucks will respond to the tending grunt.  His thought runs along the idea that he might be larger than the calling buck and he can steal the hot doe.

If it is early in the season, does may respond.  She is curious and wants to see the action. She also wants to know which buck is chasing that other doe!

After the peak of the rut, however, does tend to run away from the sound of the tending grunt.  This doesn’t say much for the love-making skills of whitetail bucks!


* “Dream Team Winter’ used by permission of Vantage Point Graphics


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