The Truth About Freshwater Fish: They’re Sneaky!

This post is for beginning anglers.  The best place to go fishing is … where the fish are!  In case you haven’t heard, fish are sneaky.  However, I have a few hints, learned the hard way.

The Truth About Fish

Trust Me, This Guy Has No Interest In Being Your Dinner!

When my father told me to be quiet because the fish could hear me, I’d roll my eyes and suggest he “pull the other one.”  After all, we were salt-water fishing and there was a whole ocean out there. Who was going to hear me?

So it was a shock to actually see fish see me when I went freshwater fishing.  They got so frightened, they vanished for hours!  (Maybe it was the hair. 😉 )

When Fish Can See You

Before I tell you where fish hide, I need to tell you one truism: If you can see the fish — they can see you!

The corollary to that axiom is: They don’t WANT to see you.  They will pack their bags and swim to another state to get away from you!

Thus, you need to learn to be sneaky.  If you are fishing and the sun casts your shadow on the water, YOU ARE BUSTED!  No self-respecting fish is going to hop on your line just to get a chance to share a “Kodak-moment” with you!

Before You Get too Depressed …

I’d best change the subject from telling you how smart fish are to showing you where fish hide out.

The way I see it, the fish hold most of the cards.  They know every nook in the water, understand currents, barometric pressure & moon phases,  and know what the enemy looks like (pssst, that’s you).  The only chance you have is to send a tasty morsel past their hiding places and stay out of sight.

Trees As Hiding Places

Crappie are very fond of hiding around submerged trees, logs or stumps.  Try jig fishing with live bait (such as minnows) close in to the tree parts sticking out of the water.

During the heat of summer days, fish like to stay in the shade of overhanging trees.  Aim your hook around the edges of the shade.  Make sure you don’t cast a shadow on the water (refer to the “BUSTED” paragraph above).  This isn’t as easy as it sounds!


Next Time: More Fish Hide-Outs


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