Part 2 of Hiding Spots for Sneaky Fish!

This Post is for Beginning Anglers

This Shows How Fish Like to Make Their Homes in Water-Logged Debris!

Sometimes, a successful angler is someone who is able to look at the commonplace in a new way.  All of the hiding places (under discussion today) are in the open.  Anglers have learned to see them as the fish do — as great hiding spaces.

These tips will help you get started.  None of these suggestions work all of the time. However, they have worked often enough have been written down as ‘truths.’

Fish Hide Because …

By nature, fish seem to want to stay hidden.  Small fish have to worry about being devoured by larger fish. Thus, they hide.  Predator fish hide to surprise their next meal.

With so many fish trying to hide, it’s a miracle to me that we catch any fish when we toss our line out into the water.  Maybe we are just catching the ones too dumb to know better and are preserving the gene pool for more worthy fish!

Some of the Places Fish Hide

The man-made structures of piers and docks are used by fish too.  First, they protect fish from the heat of the day.  Some fish see the posts or pilings as areas of deep pockets, from which they might snag their next meal.

The trick here is to do the opposite of what we usually do; toss your line as close to the docks’ pilings as possible! Since you don’t know what the fish below are in the mood to nosh on, try different lures and live bait. Try casting from a variety of angles.

There’s a reason that you often see folks fishing from bridges. Like piers and docks, fish find the bridge supports in the water to be a great place to wait for a passing meal.  Water currents move food and debris past the pockets around the bridge supports.

The bridges also serve as great shade for fish during the summer.

The crushed rocks (also called riprap) covering the shorelines of many man-made lakes, ponds and reservoirs are there to control erosion.

Fish, too, have found a use for this riprap.  Smallmouth bass and lots of panfish prefer this environment.  Give these areas a try!


Next Time: More Hiding Places for Fish


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