Four Quick Fishing Tips

The tips included today (and most days) are ideas that have worked for a variety of anglers.  Not all tips work all the time, however, they work often enough that I found them in fishing articles or books.

Curing the Slippery Feel of Fish

Use Salt When Cleaning Fish!

Cleaning fish seems so yucky because we have to touch fish that are slimy.  Cut the slime by placing the fish in a pot of water, with 1 cup of salt  dissolved in it.

You can also “get a grip” by adding dry salt to your hands, before you pick up the fish and start to clean.

Making Fish Release Their Scales

Before starting to scale small fish, drop them in boiling water for a few seconds.  The scales will seem to fall off while using the dull side of a knife or scraper.

The trick to removing scales easily from larger fish is to fill a sink or tub with plenty of water.  By keeping the fish under water while scraping, the mess stays in the water, not on you.

Three Critical Fishing Tools You Probably DON’T CARRY

Perfect for Fishing Trips

I use these on all fishing trips:  35 mm film containers, paper clips and safety pins.  Why?  Let me count the ways ….

The 35 mm film containers are an endangered species (with the advent of digital cameras).  I use them to store small baits (grubs, mealworms, etc.), small pieces of tackle (snaps, swivels, etc.) and as waterproof  storage for my tape (used with a straightened safety-pin – as an emergency rod guide or rod tip).

You may be too much of a newbie to know how to break off the tip of your fishing rod 😉   or even how to break off the guides that hold your fishing line along the length of your rod.

Ah, just wait.  It will come to you!  At about the same time, you will learn to connect long enough strings of cuss words together to make a sailor blush!

I prefer to use a plastic-coated paper clip to hold snaps or swivels.  Safety pins are handy to carry hooks; different pins hold different sizes.

One Tool You May Need to Swipe From a Golfer

The BEST  ‘fishin’ rag’ in the world is a golfer’s “crying towel.” You know the one: it has a grommet with a hooking clip for belt loops.

The towel is hand towel size. Attached to your jeans, it is always available! Since there are no golfers in our family, I pick them up in thrift stores or garage sales.


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