Things You Might Not Know About Fishing Hooks

A Fishing Hook - from Wikipedia

This is another blog for newbies about the fun of fishing (I don’t advise experienced anglers, they usually know more than I do).*

The Truth About Hooks

Since I’m 60 years of age, I’ve had enough time to see the gradual decline in fishing hooks.  It’s not going to surprise most anglers “of a certain age” that the hooks of our youth were better than newer ones.

The Problem With Dull Hooks

In earlier times, fishing hooks became dull with use.  Now, many hooks are born dull – meaning they are dull when you buy them. **

If your hook is dull, you are going to lose fish.  Also, it’s easy to drag your hook over a rock and grind away the edge.

Look at the photo above.  Although it is hard to see, there is an area between the point and the barb that should be beveled.  Also, the point AND barb should be sharp.

Fortunately there is a way to correct this problem.  Most sporting goods stores sell a hook sharpener.

I found a site with instructions and photos.  Go to for info on sharpening hooks.

It seems that any quality file will work — the author (above) even suggests taking an emery board fishing for emergency repairs.

Catch-and-Release Info

In the past few years, catch-and-release has become very popular.  If that is your aim, then it is important to use pliers to mash down the barb.  That part of the hook is what keeps your fish from sneaking away.

In order to avoid harming the fish, keep your line tight. Bring the fish in, take a photo and let junior go back – a wiser fish!


* This is a good time to remind readers that this info is MY way of doing things. If it weren’t politically incorrect, I’d say “There’s more than 1 way to  skin a cat.”  This is my way — not necessarily the best way.


** Even though sporting goods stores promise that the latest generation of hooks are superior, the truth is that I haven’t bought hooks for some time.

I’m still busy cussing at the ones I have. It would probably be smart to try some of the latest hooks, however — What can I blame my fish loss on if the hooks are good?


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