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Good News

Unless you read an upbeat blog like HuntingLife.com – positive news about hunters and anglers can be in short supply.

The author of this blog shares with his readers the latest-and-greatest news about outdoors, plus news about the individuals and groups who make a difference.


This site has been on my Blogroll for a very long time.  In fact, it was one of the first I added because of the incredible range of articles and information.

What I appreciate most is Kevin Paulson’s focus on the people and organizations that make good things happen in the American outdoors.

For Example …

Anglers and hunters are the conservators of the fish and wild game available in America today. How? Through the fees, taxes and stamp/license purchases, outdoor enthusiasts fund the state fisheries, parks and wildlife sanctuaries across our land.

A lesser-known role of hunters and anglers is the one of land acquisition.  Each year, land is donated and/or purchased by individuals and organizations to preserve our sporting heritage for years to come.

HuntingLife.com is at the forefront of naming names and giving credit to the folks who give so much to protect and preserve our outdoor traditions.

And They Do Product Reviews

Sometimes, HuntingLife evaluates products and reports to the readership.  Today’s entry (I’m writing this February 24, 2010) is about “Cold and Dry.”

It’s one of those products you might bypass because it lacks a glamorous name or a big-name endorser.  However, after reading HuntingLife’s review, this product is on my list to check out the next time I’m in a sporting goods store.

Just click on the “Reviews” button (left, under the HuntingLife.com logo) to see (an extensive) list of the evaluated products.

Your Hunting Photos

Do you have a photo of your last hunting outing?  HuntingLife has a photo gallery – and offers to let you share your great moments with the world!  Click on the “Gallery” button for instructions to send your hunting photo(s).


This brief article cannot hope to cover everything that is available on the HuntingLife site.  However, I found a listing on their site that seems to sum things up.

HuntingLife covers:

  • hunting news,
  • conservation news,
  • deer hunting,
  • elk hunting,
  • moose hunting,
  • sheep hunting,
  • bear hunting,
  • turkey hunting,
  • big game hunting,
  • waterfowl hunting,
  • upland game hunting,
  • hunting guides, outfitters, and hunting lodges.

Take a look soon!


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