Talking Turkey: Which of the 5 Types are Near You?

Across North America, there are 5 subspecies of the turkey (genus Meleagris)

Eastern Turkey

These Guys are 'Thinkin' Spring!'

These  turkeys  ‘strut their stuff’  from Maine to the northern regions of Florida and west to Oklahoma.  This is the largest group of the wild turkey.

Merriam’s Turkeys

This subspecies lives in the western US.  Generally, they are somewhat smaller than the eastern types.

Osceola Turkey

This is a small group of turkeys that roam over Florida, and no where else!

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

This subspecies calls Texas “home” but can range as far north as Kansas and down south into Mexico.

Gould’s Wild Turkey

These birds hale from central Mexico but often wander north into New Mexico.


Turkey Info: Did Ya’ Know?

A Turkey’s Weight – A wild turkey’s habitat determines his weight. They can reach 20 lbs. in the agricultural areas of the Midwest. In other areas, they average somewhat less than 20 lbs.

How Far Do Turkeys Forage? Biologists claim that turkeys can travel between 1 and 2 miles per day.

However, if the birds are living in an area that cannot support a large number,  they range further – between 50 acres to 5 miles!

What Causes Turkeys to Move to a New Area? In general, turkeys do not migrate.  They tend to acclimatize to the area they are in and stay close within the region.  However, they will move out of an area if something scares them away (predators, for example)  or the land will no longer support their numbers.

How Fast Can Gobblers Move? Turkeys can run as fast as 15 mph – on the ground!  In the air, they can reach 55 mph!


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