What is the Most Dangerous Shooting Sport? Turkey Hunting!

Factors that Make Turkey Hunting Dangerous

  • The need to wear full camouflage
  • The magnum loads in all gauges of shotguns
  • Getting caught up in the excitement of pursuing such a tough-to-kill quarry

Common Mistakes of Turkey Hunters

  • Stalking turkeys
  • Trying to “drive” turkeys, as if they were deer
  • Shooting at any part of a turkey, other than the turkey’s neck or head
  • Wearing red, white or blue
  • Not knowing where other hunters are
  • Not knowing what is beyond your next shot
  • Not knowing what is between you and your next shot

The Facts Behind the “Don’ts”

Turkeys are Tough to Kill; Aim for the Head or Neck!

Stalking a Turkey: The gobbler you are stalking may turn out to be another hunter with a gun aimed at you!  The reverse may also be true:  Another hunter may be watching the turkey you are stalking – and shoot!

‘Driving’ Turkey: “The chances of bagging a turkey by this method are slim, but the chances of becoming involved in a shooting are great. Always call the turkey to you.” *

Aim for the Gobbler’s Head or Neck: Gobblers are big and hard to kill. Shooting anywhere else is either a waste of shot or a waste of meat! **

Wearing Red, White or Blue: Dress like a turkey & you can be shot, instead of the turkey!

Biologists tell us that turkeys (and deer) are color-blind for the colors red & green.  That is why you can wear blaze orange and not worry about detection.  If turkeys see you in orange, they are seeing your movement, not the color!

Not Knowing Where Other Hunters Are: Hunters that tell me – “Everyone knows I hunt in this spot,” scare me!   Things change — owners sell their property to new folks, hunters try new areas, people forget.

Not Knowing What is Beyond the Shot You’re About to Make: While hunting, you are your brother’s keeper!  If we don’t watch for each other, we can create a deadly tragedy!

Not Knowing What is Between You and Your Next Shot: Same as the explanation immediately above!


* A great quote by “Super Member” – deja vu.

** More info on this issue.


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