Telling the World About Your Trophy: Turkey, Deer, Game!

Earlier today, I happened on a clever site and want to share it with you: AnchorPoint .  Use your iPhone to report on your trophy!

The World of Now

“No matter when your trophy was taken, you can add it to Anchorpoint

Another Application to Keep Your iPhone Busy!

anytime with Trophy Score on the iPhone,” according to the site.

I think they have a wonderful take on a person’s success:  “We know you may not have a world record, but if it’s your personal best, then it’s a trophy to us. Trophy Score makes it easy to add your animal and Anchorpoint is the only place where you can see how it sizes up.”


They bill themselves as the world-wide, no minimum trophy room.  In the blog, they have clear directions for transferring your info to the Internet.

After reading the instructions, I feel secure that I could upload my info — which is saying something for a ‘new-fangled toy-hater,’ such as myself.

The iPhone even takes away the wear-and-tear on one’s psyche of doing the calculations to garner a score!  Let the iPhone do it with:  “Calculate My Trophy Score.”

Safari Club International

This organization has approved the “Trophy Score” system for reporting successful hunts in:

  • aoudad,
  • cape buffalo,
  • six subspecies of caribou,
  • four subspecies of eland,
  • kudu,
  • deer,
  • pronghorn antelope and
  • four subspecies of turkey.

“Once scored, trophies are synchronized to the world’s only no-minimum record book at”

The Top Ten

Besides posting your latest success, this site also has a “Top Ten.” You can watch to see how long your hunting skill keeps you in the top ten of each type of game.


This is a clever use of a very expensive telephone.  No one has to worry over writing long tales of how they caught the animal.  All they want: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

The only downside:  they didn’t offer a tree-rat category (AKA squirrels).  Wouldn’t you know, the thing I excel in — and nobody wants to hear about it!  😉

This looks like a young site, with room to grow. Check it out!


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  1. Thank you for checking out Anchorpoint and our iPhone app, Trophy Score! Along with being the world’s only no-minimum record book for trophy game animals, we also offer a full-featured hunt club manager.

    Coming later this spring: Trophy Score Fishing! Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, we’ll help you size up your catch and share it with the world.

    On more than one occasion I’ve been asked about squirrels! With a day job as the Web & Social Marketing Manager at the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of air guns, Crosman Corporation, I think it’s a possibility……

    Happy hunting!

  2. Dear Chip,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about the new things coming up on your site. I have 3-4 questions: (1) Is the hunt club manager used as a bulletin board for hunting organizations? How else do they use it?
    (2) Is the Trophy Score Fishing going to be on that site, or another one?
    (3) As a technology failure, I’d like to know if folks can add hunting info without an iPhone?
    Again, thanks for your input; it makes for a much more interesting article.


    PS: Readers – if you are typing in the addy, it is:

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