Catching Fish With Ultra-Light Tackle!

Using Ultralight Tackle Means You Probably Need a Heavy-Duty Net!

I picked up a book on ultralight fishing yesterday by Tim Lilley. His opening line is, “You don’t need heavy tackle to catch heavy fish.”  O-k-a-y.

Frankly, it will be a hard sell to get me to go to light-duty line.  When I go fishing, I want all the help I can get!

Unless Mr. Lilley changes my mind, I think turning in my tackle for the puny line he suggests, will be along the nature of “… prying my cold, dead fingers from ….”

What is Ultralight Fishing?

Tim Lilley is specific:  no more than 6 lb. test line and using lures weighing no more than 1/4 of an ounce!  He uses rods of various lengths, depending on the situation.

How Does it Work?

The thing I note throughout the book is that Tim Lilley “reads the water.” People who do this well, are great anglers — no matter what they use for tackle.

He is all for returning to the scene of earlier fishing trips.  He says that you learn by seeing the same stream/pond/river at differing states of water depth.

Learning to Read the Water

Predator fish have scoped out their habitat and found great places to lie in wait for their dinner to stroll by.  Lilley asserts:  If you catch one fish in a great place, another will take its place.  Therefore, cast your line there again.

There are variables that we can’t control; but over time, those same spots where you have been successful, will be successful again.

Like humans, fish find a great spot to get a meal and they return there time and again.

Lakes and Ponds

Mr. Lilley makes an excellent point that fish like particular kinds of cover in lakes and ponds: “brush piles, weedlines, flats, bluffs, rocky banks, flooded trees.”

Once you can consistently find these hiding places in the lakes or ponds you regularly fish, you can generalize this knowledge to unknown bodies of water.  Why was a fish in that spot?

When you figure out why fish are where they are – in your regular fishing places – you can transfer this knowledge to unknown bodies of water and become a more consistently successful angler.


From: Ultralight Fishing, Tim Lilley, Creative Publishing, 2005.


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