‘Carolina Rigging’ vs. ‘Texas Dragging’

The Carolina Rig

This is a 2-part blog on two slightly different techniques of catching fish. Decades ago, the ‘Carolina Rig’ was created in South Carolina.   Locally, it was a popular way of catching fish, especially bass.

In 1991, along came Jim Nolan — to the Texas BASSMASTER Tournament at Sam Rayburn Lake.  With this clever technique, he caught a record-breaking 86.6 pounds of fish!

Nolan gave all the credit to his Carolina-rigged lizard.

How to Make One

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, how much is a video worth?  This quick video from the “Average Fisherman” makes the concept easier to understand.



This is a great way to catch bottom feeding fish.

Next time, I’ll explain the adaptation: the Texas Dragging Rig.


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