Saltwater Fishing Tips

Saltwater Fishing from Shore *

Shore Saltwater Fishing

You may have the opportunity to fish from a boat.  At other times, fishing from shore might be your plan.  The following is an excellent overview of factors related to dipping your hook in salty water.

Sea Fishing Tackle: Pointers When Considering Shore Fishing

I really feel that the author’s comments on ‘time of day, water color and tide’ to be valuable information. You will find it about mid-page.


Just when you thought it was safe…

Cost of Some Hunting, Fishing Permits Headed Up; New Deer Permit Required

This news relates to Florida, but will your state stay behind?  I don’t think so….


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Have You Ever Tried Night Fishing?

It may seem as if I have lost interest in my blog.  Not true!    However, I’m participating in the world’s longest transfer of a website from one hosting company to another!

I’m going to be very happy when everything is finished, however … right now I’m not enjoying the experience!


Why Night Fishing is Cool (Pun Intended)

Dropping Your Hook as the Sun Goes Down = Some Great Fishing!

Where I live, daytime temperatures are already hovering around 100.  I also have very fair skin with lots of freckles.

Night fishing isn’t just cool, it’s healthier for someone like me.

Let’s talk about the least fun prospect of fishing in the nighttime hours:  mosquitoes and other aggravations.

Insects are one of the main food groups of fish.  (You know that fish cannot be very far up the food chain when they neglect to have ‘chocolate’  as one of their food groups!)

By dark, mosquitoes and other bugs are tired of dancing around to stay out of fishes’ mouths.  They can smell you coming and eagerly anticipate eating on you instead of being dinner for some fish.

Therefore, insect repellant is critical … don’t leave home without it!

One Joy of Night Fishing: Quiet

As  the sun sinks behind the horizon, Peace and (his best friend) Quiet take over.  I do some of my best thinking while fishing!

Generally, the pace slows and I get to tune into the night-time sights and sounds of nature:   the fire flies dance and sway and the stars wink down from the night sky.

Another Bonus: Fish Action Increases

Biologists say that fish seem to increase their feeding behaviors  just after the sun goes down and around dawn.

Whether out on a boat or on shore, I like to go out when the moon is full.  The water tends to calm down and the moonlight is enough light to keep an eye on any rippling in the water.

By fishing near the  top, I’m able to throw my line out where the top feeding fish are snacking on those mosquitoes and bugs that are not chewing on me!


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Who Will Teach our Children to Fish?

Dave Richey is a retired newspaper reporter who writes a blog about things that matter to him.

I happen to think what he’s written about Friday is important to all of us who appreciate the outdoors.

Who Will Teach our Children to Fish?

Who Will Teach Our Children to Fish?

Click on the title above to go to Dave Richey’s article.  It is timely advice!

In the past, I’ve written about how the numbers of fishing licenses and hunting licenses are dwindling in many, if not most, states in America.

If we don’t teach our children how to fish as youngsters, who will do it later?

The people who pay for fish replenishment, habitat protection, etc., are the folks you see in the mirrors.  If our children do not acquire a passion for fishing (and hunting) now, they are not likely to  acquire it later.

Who will protect our streams, rivers, lakes, hunting grounds and public lands in the future?  If the children of today do not become the anglers and hunters of tomorrow, who is protecting the future?

Standing in Line to Buy Tackle

I’ve noticed that there are fewer kids standing in line at the bait shops.

Folks are so strapped for time, that I’m more likely to see a guy’s bonding fishing trip, and not an adult-and-kid trip.

Granted, I live in the Houston-Galveston area.

Are you seeing the same thing in your area?


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4 Tips for First Time Campers

When I dream of camping, it is a Norman Rockwell view, with lots of smiling faces around a warm campfire.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected!

Experience has taught me that taking our family camping and hoping to experience non-stop love, joy & companionship is … mostly a pipe-dream.

Here are 4 hints to make your camping trip more Norman Rockwell and less ‘Rocky Horror Show!’

Tip # 1:  Take an Eagle Scout

Even if you have to hire an Eagle Scout, they are an excellent investment for the newbie camper.  I refuse to tell you how I know this!

Eagle Scouts seem to understand the concept that it is critical to set up a tent (for the first time) in daylight.

Most of the rest of us enter into the spirit of camping with way too much confidence!  What can be so hard about putting up a tent?  They even give directions!  What more could we need?

Tip # 2:  Be Prepared

It is great to have a topographical map of the area you will explore during your camping trip.  It is even more critical to have a camping checklist.

Although there is no such thing as an exhaustive camping checklist, we’ve tried to build one.  Feel free to make a copy.

Think about maximizing the use of a minimum of items!

Tip # 3:  Assume the Worst Could Happen

Yes, worse things can happen than your teen daughter break a fingernail!   How on earth will your teens fill their hours if their cell phones can’t get a signal?

Have a plan for keeping bears, raccoons and other wildlife out of your food stores while you are sleeping or away from your tent.

What place should everyone plan to meet if separated? Everyone should know basic survival techniques and have some means to call for help.

Have alternate plans if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  There’s nothing worse than being stranded with grouchy kids in a confined space — with nothing to do!

Tip # 4:  SOS

I never leave home without it …. It’s my “Save Our Sanity” List.  I always have a list of the hotels and restaurants in the area we are visiting.

So far, I’ve never had to use one. But I feel ready for anything Mother Nature decides to throw our way!  😉


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Squirrel This Away for Fall: Deer Jerky Recipe

While doing some late spring cleaning, I found this recipe and thought I’d share it.  If you like a bit of ZIP with your deer jerky, this is it!

Dreaming of Some Deer Jerky?

Deer Jerky Recipe

5 lbs. sliced deer meat

3 Tablespoons (Tbsp.) coarse-grind black pepper

1 Tbsp. fine-grind black pepper

1 Tbsp. salt

2 teaspoons of Accent tenderizer

1 Tbsp. garlic powder

1 Tbsp. onion powder

1/2 cup of soy sauce

1 teaspoon Tender Quick *

Crushed red pepper, to taste

Mix all spices and sauce together. Marinate for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Smoke for 2 to 4 hours. Dry in oven @ 140 degrees or in a dehydrator.

* I was unable to find this product and left it out.


This came to us from a German farmer’s stock of well-worn recipes.  He and his family have lived (and hunted deer) in the Texas Hill Country for generations.


On a Personal Note: Everything takes longer than you expect.  The postings have slowed while I try to move my blog and its 300+ articles.


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How is Fishing Different in a Low Water Level Situation?

The answer in 3 words is:  It’s very different!

The Truth About Low Water Levels

Fishing in Low Water is More Difficult!

The ugly truth about fishing when the water is at low-level (in a pond, stream or lake) is:  You will probably only get one chance at a nice-sized fish.

Going fishing means spooking the fish.  Those guys didn’t get to reach their size by hanging around after seeing folk’s shadows on the water or hearing humans talking.

You might not know the truism:  If you can see a fish, he can see you!

Here are a couple of past articles that explain this in greater detail (what fish can see and hear, etc.).

Things to Take Fishing

If you take (and use) these items, you will be a much smarter (and more successful) angler!

  • topographical map of the body of water
  • an understanding of the currents in that body of water
  • get the latest readings on prevailing breezes

A good topographical map will tell you where the underwater formations and structures are.  The water currents have a profound effect on fishing in streams and larger bodies of water.

By knowing how currents swirl around underground structures and submerged rocks, trees, etc., you will be able to make good guesses about where the fish are hiding.

While the Water Level is Down

This is a great time to search for submerged structures (dead trees, artificial reefs, outcroppings of rocks, etc.).  If available, use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to pinpoint the structures you find (for future reference).

Fish & Sunlight

Last time (The Effects of Sunlight on Fishing), I talked about the effect sunlight has on fish and fishing.  When the water level is down, fish will respond faster to sunlight.

Fish are out trying to snag that last morsel before the sun warms the water too much. Conversely, in the evening, they are starting to feed more aggressively as the sun goes behind the horizon.  Those are two great times to dip your hook in the water.


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The Effects of Sunlight on Fishing

Being a strong proponent of ‘reading the water’ to catch fish, I would like to touch on another aspect: reading sun movement on a lake or pond.

Here Comes the Sun

Understanding the Effects of Sunlight on Fishing is Important to Fishing Success! *

You will learn the easiest by doing these exercises in a familiar pond or lake.  Why?  Because you already have some idea of the hotspots where you find fish.

The idea is to watch the effect of the sun, as it moves across the sky, on your favorite fishing spots.

You want to learn:

  • Where does the shade hang on longest in the morning?
  • Where does the sun abandon the lake/pond first?

Once you have mapped these areas on paper, or in your mind, let’s go fishing!

Sunrise Fishing

Fish in the spots where the sun strikes first.  As soon as that area becomes warmed, fish will either:

  • become less aggressive (less likely to bite), or
  • move into deeper water, or
  • both

Fish spots before morning light hits them. Fish feed most actively just before daylight or as the sun is sinking below the horizon.

After Work Fishing

Now, you will work in the reverse.  Which of your favorite spots have been out of sunlight longest?  These are the areas to start your fishing.

Move to your other hotspots only after the sun has moved away from those areas.

For Everything There is a Season

In the early part of the year: Because water temperature is still rather low, fish still respond positively to sunlight.

From the end of spawning till Labor Day: (or later, depending on where you live) Reading the sunlight will be an important factor!

Now: If you are fishing during hot weather, concentrate your attention on the shadows.  If fish have not moved into deeper water for the daylight hours, they will concentrate in or near structures (submerged logs, rock formations, weed beds, etc.).


* Used through the courtesy of Vantage Point Graphics.


Other Helpful Articles:


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How to ‘Texas Rig’ a Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

Last time I was talking about rigging for fish, I had the “Average Fisherman” show how to do the Carolina Rig

Today, I’d like to show the Texas Rig (in East Texas, it’s called “draggin.'”  This is an adaptation of the Carolina Rig.



Texas Draggin’ Rig

This almost 3 minute video leaves out a few things I’d like to mention.

  • a 1-ounce bullet sinker (instead of the flat, stone-looking  one on the Carolina Rig)
  • a large glass bead (red is nice and obvious)
  • 20 lb mono or 30 lb Spectra line
  • tying onto a size 10 barrel swivel
  • a 3 foot, 12 lb. mono leader
  • plastic choices: lizard, worm or crawworm

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Why a glass bead?

It keeps the sinker from damaging the knot and provides a nice clicking sound.

Why use a lighter leader than the weight of the line?

If the hook gets snagged, you have a better chance of not losing the whole rig.

Keep an eye on the mud/grit/sand/whatever comes up around the top of your bullet sinker.  Why?

If your sinker’s hole is bringing up mud, the area is too soft for bass.   They prefer a sandy bottom!


Give them both a try; let me know which one works better for your situation!


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Hunters: Quick Action Needed!

If there’s anyone left in the US who isn’t a member of, I’m going to give you several reasons to join – NOW!

The “Quick Action Needed” refers to the last 2 headings!

Southern Anniversary Party

A 3 day party?  Where do I sign up?  Liberty, MS is the place and the dates are:  Friday, July 23 through July 25th.  Believe it or not, attendance is free. Just bring a dish or some finger foods!

Saturday morning gets serious with a 3D Archery Shoot!  For more details, go to:

You’ll even find hotel info and telephone numbers, to make your reservations.

Northeastern Anniversary Party

Not to be outdone, Pennsylvania will host the Northeastern Anniversary Party.   New Stanton is the place and July 30 to August 1, 2010 are the dates.

Mark your calendars for another free party! As above, the folks at have already rounded up the hotel reservation info in one place!

Get the details (3D Archery shoot and a .22 shoot are planned) at:

Whitetail/Blacktail Deer Hunting Championship

TalkHunting has begun their sign up for their annual championship!  You have between now and July 13 to be part of the fun!

It matters not where you hunt!  What matters:  You must be a member of in good standing (geek-speak for: 50 or more posts*).

The news you can use:

TalkHunting Goes to Kansas for a Deer Hunt

Get your bunny-suit, toothbrush and rifle ready! TalkHunting has 3 heavily discounted tickets for a deer hunt (dates:  December 1 – 5, 2010).

These hunts include lodging and meals (but no bunny-suit). Each ticket is $2000 — instead of the regular $3500.   The license and tags are an extra $400.

If you are interested, get a move on!  Up-front money is needed to reserve one of the 3 spots.   Visit for more details.

Two Turkey Hunts in Kansas in April 2011

These turkey hunts are heavily discounted and only TalkHunting members are eligible. There are 11 total spots available and are on a first pay, first reserve basis.

This is a great opportunity to hunt in Kansas for a very low price! It’s also a chance to spend some quality time ‘talkin’turkey’ with other TalkHunting members.

If you want to go, act quick because at these prices, it won’t take long to fill these spots! Visit for more information.

Questions?  Send a PM to Hunt Master  (on the site) or an email to


* The beauty of ’50 posts’ is that it also makes you eligible for monthly prize drawings!


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On the Move!

We Are Moving!

The winds of change are swirling around ‘’  My new website is under construction and will come online soon.


This is the Only Part That Will Be the Same!

The benefits for my customers will be impressive.

There will be an explosion in the number of graphics I will be able to display and offer.

These rear window graphics will still be from the two manufacturers that I offer now — because I think they are the best on the market!

They are:

Currently, I only offer some their products. (I’ve made each of these clickable, so you can see their entire product lines!)

This Blog is Moving Soon, Too!

As soon as my e-Commerce site moves, this blog will follow to the same place.

The only downside of this is the fact that I’ll have to abandon my theme on this page.  It won’t be available after the move.

However, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you may be ready for a theme change!

My Blog Content

Rest assured, the content of my blogs won’t change.  Actually, they might change some, because I will be able to see exactly what is popular with my readers.

Until the Change Happens …

New info may be a bit sparse for the next few days.

Rest assured, I’m not sipping a mint julep under some palm tree in a remote part of the world.  Really.


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