Hunters: Quick Action Needed!

If there’s anyone left in the US who isn’t a member of, I’m going to give you several reasons to join – NOW!

The “Quick Action Needed” refers to the last 2 headings!

Southern Anniversary Party

A 3 day party?  Where do I sign up?  Liberty, MS is the place and the dates are:  Friday, July 23 through July 25th.  Believe it or not, attendance is free. Just bring a dish or some finger foods!

Saturday morning gets serious with a 3D Archery Shoot!  For more details, go to:

You’ll even find hotel info and telephone numbers, to make your reservations.

Northeastern Anniversary Party

Not to be outdone, Pennsylvania will host the Northeastern Anniversary Party.   New Stanton is the place and July 30 to August 1, 2010 are the dates.

Mark your calendars for another free party! As above, the folks at have already rounded up the hotel reservation info in one place!

Get the details (3D Archery shoot and a .22 shoot are planned) at:

Whitetail/Blacktail Deer Hunting Championship

TalkHunting has begun their sign up for their annual championship!  You have between now and July 13 to be part of the fun!

It matters not where you hunt!  What matters:  You must be a member of in good standing (geek-speak for: 50 or more posts*).

The news you can use:

TalkHunting Goes to Kansas for a Deer Hunt

Get your bunny-suit, toothbrush and rifle ready! TalkHunting has 3 heavily discounted tickets for a deer hunt (dates:  December 1 – 5, 2010).

These hunts include lodging and meals (but no bunny-suit). Each ticket is $2000 — instead of the regular $3500.   The license and tags are an extra $400.

If you are interested, get a move on!  Up-front money is needed to reserve one of the 3 spots.   Visit for more details.

Two Turkey Hunts in Kansas in April 2011

These turkey hunts are heavily discounted and only TalkHunting members are eligible. There are 11 total spots available and are on a first pay, first reserve basis.

This is a great opportunity to hunt in Kansas for a very low price! It’s also a chance to spend some quality time ‘talkin’turkey’ with other TalkHunting members.

If you want to go, act quick because at these prices, it won’t take long to fill these spots! Visit for more information.

Questions?  Send a PM to Hunt Master  (on the site) or an email to


* The beauty of ’50 posts’ is that it also makes you eligible for monthly prize drawings!


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