How to ‘Texas Rig’ a Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

Last time I was talking about rigging for fish, I had the “Average Fisherman” show how to do the Carolina Rig

Today, I’d like to show the Texas Rig (in East Texas, it’s called “draggin.'”  This is an adaptation of the Carolina Rig.



Texas Draggin’ Rig

This almost 3 minute video leaves out a few things I’d like to mention.

  • a 1-ounce bullet sinker (instead of the flat, stone-looking  one on the Carolina Rig)
  • a large glass bead (red is nice and obvious)
  • 20 lb mono or 30 lb Spectra line
  • tying onto a size 10 barrel swivel
  • a 3 foot, 12 lb. mono leader
  • plastic choices: lizard, worm or crawworm

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Why a glass bead?

It keeps the sinker from damaging the knot and provides a nice clicking sound.

Why use a lighter leader than the weight of the line?

If the hook gets snagged, you have a better chance of not losing the whole rig.

Keep an eye on the mud/grit/sand/whatever comes up around the top of your bullet sinker.  Why?

If your sinker’s hole is bringing up mud, the area is too soft for bass.   They prefer a sandy bottom!


Give them both a try; let me know which one works better for your situation!


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