How is Fishing Different in a Low Water Level Situation?

The answer in 3 words is:  It’s very different!

The Truth About Low Water Levels

Fishing in Low Water is More Difficult!

The ugly truth about fishing when the water is at low-level (in a pond, stream or lake) is:  You will probably only get one chance at a nice-sized fish.

Going fishing means spooking the fish.  Those guys didn’t get to reach their size by hanging around after seeing folk’s shadows on the water or hearing humans talking.

You might not know the truism:  If you can see a fish, he can see you!

Here are a couple of past articles that explain this in greater detail (what fish can see and hear, etc.).

Things to Take Fishing

If you take (and use) these items, you will be a much smarter (and more successful) angler!

  • topographical map of the body of water
  • an understanding of the currents in that body of water
  • get the latest readings on prevailing breezes

A good topographical map will tell you where the underwater formations and structures are.  The water currents have a profound effect on fishing in streams and larger bodies of water.

By knowing how currents swirl around underground structures and submerged rocks, trees, etc., you will be able to make good guesses about where the fish are hiding.

While the Water Level is Down

This is a great time to search for submerged structures (dead trees, artificial reefs, outcroppings of rocks, etc.).  If available, use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to pinpoint the structures you find (for future reference).

Fish & Sunlight

Last time (The Effects of Sunlight on Fishing), I talked about the effect sunlight has on fish and fishing.  When the water level is down, fish will respond faster to sunlight.

Fish are out trying to snag that last morsel before the sun warms the water too much. Conversely, in the evening, they are starting to feed more aggressively as the sun goes behind the horizon.  Those are two great times to dip your hook in the water.


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