4 Tips for First Time Campers

When I dream of camping, it is a Norman Rockwell view, with lots of smiling faces around a warm campfire.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected!

Experience has taught me that taking our family camping and hoping to experience non-stop love, joy & companionship is … mostly a pipe-dream.

Here are 4 hints to make your camping trip more Norman Rockwell and less ‘Rocky Horror Show!’

Tip # 1:  Take an Eagle Scout

Even if you have to hire an Eagle Scout, they are an excellent investment for the newbie camper.  I refuse to tell you how I know this!

Eagle Scouts seem to understand the concept that it is critical to set up a tent (for the first time) in daylight.

Most of the rest of us enter into the spirit of camping with way too much confidence!  What can be so hard about putting up a tent?  They even give directions!  What more could we need?

Tip # 2:  Be Prepared

It is great to have a topographical map of the area you will explore during your camping trip.  It is even more critical to have a camping checklist.

Although there is no such thing as an exhaustive camping checklist, we’ve tried to build one.  Feel free to make a copy.

Think about maximizing the use of a minimum of items!

Tip # 3:  Assume the Worst Could Happen

Yes, worse things can happen than your teen daughter break a fingernail!   How on earth will your teens fill their hours if their cell phones can’t get a signal?

Have a plan for keeping bears, raccoons and other wildlife out of your food stores while you are sleeping or away from your tent.

What place should everyone plan to meet if separated? Everyone should know basic survival techniques and have some means to call for help.

Have alternate plans if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  There’s nothing worse than being stranded with grouchy kids in a confined space — with nothing to do!

Tip # 4:  SOS

I never leave home without it …. It’s my “Save Our Sanity” List.  I always have a list of the hotels and restaurants in the area we are visiting.

So far, I’ve never had to use one. But I feel ready for anything Mother Nature decides to throw our way!  😉


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