Have You Ever Tried Night Fishing?

It may seem as if I have lost interest in my blog.  Not true!    However, I’m participating in the world’s longest transfer of a website from one hosting company to another!

I’m going to be very happy when everything is finished, however … right now I’m not enjoying the experience!


Why Night Fishing is Cool (Pun Intended)

Dropping Your Hook as the Sun Goes Down = Some Great Fishing!

Where I live, daytime temperatures are already hovering around 100.  I also have very fair skin with lots of freckles.

Night fishing isn’t just cool, it’s healthier for someone like me.

Let’s talk about the least fun prospect of fishing in the nighttime hours:  mosquitoes and other aggravations.

Insects are one of the main food groups of fish.  (You know that fish cannot be very far up the food chain when they neglect to have ‘chocolate’  as one of their food groups!)

By dark, mosquitoes and other bugs are tired of dancing around to stay out of fishes’ mouths.  They can smell you coming and eagerly anticipate eating on you instead of being dinner for some fish.

Therefore, insect repellant is critical … don’t leave home without it!

One Joy of Night Fishing: Quiet

As  the sun sinks behind the horizon, Peace and (his best friend) Quiet take over.  I do some of my best thinking while fishing!

Generally, the pace slows and I get to tune into the night-time sights and sounds of nature:   the fire flies dance and sway and the stars wink down from the night sky.

Another Bonus: Fish Action Increases

Biologists say that fish seem to increase their feeding behaviors  just after the sun goes down and around dawn.

Whether out on a boat or on shore, I like to go out when the moon is full.  The water tends to calm down and the moonlight is enough light to keep an eye on any rippling in the water.

By fishing near the  top, I’m able to throw my line out where the top feeding fish are snacking on those mosquitoes and bugs that are not chewing on me!


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