When Your Website Goes Wrong!

My New Website Bites the Dust

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog, but my heart hasn’t been in it ….  The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was having a new website created.

All Dressed Up With No Place to Go! My Website Fizzled Before It Started!

The truth is that I was fleeced … the “new” website was a dummy – with just enough functionality to get paid.  In other words, it was inoperable.

The strange thing is, I wasn’t as upset by the loss of money (although it was a significant sum — for me), it was the loss of faith in my fellow-man.

Two Things I Learned

My new hosting company suggested I use Elance to hire someone to do the work.

Looking over their site, Elance  implies that the providers of services are vetted — they are not.  It implies you are safe … you are not.

Second, they are powerless to do anything if the company you hire is dishonest.  I hired “bc group” from India to do the work … and began a 6 week journey into misery.

Why Am I Telling You This

By sharing my naive wanderings into the world of website  re-do’s, I hope you will never have this experience.

The Future Starts Tomorrow

It has taken a week to try to finish my business with Elance and decide what to do.  By this time tomorrow, I will have hired a company to create my new website.

By this time tomorrow, I will have moved on … this is just an ugly bump in the road.  Tomorrow will be so much better!

Come back tomorrow to see!

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