Why is Dave Richey’s Monday Article So Great?

Who is Dave Richey?

A retired news paper journalist, Dave Richey keeps his readers entertained while trying to educate them. Monday’s article was, “Wishing for the Right Shot.”

Dave might be competing with Job for the title, “Most Patient Man on Earth!”

Here’s a bit of what he has to say.” I shoot bucks that are broadside or quartering away, and have learned over many years to wait for one of these shots. If it doesn’t present itself, you wait some more.

More deer are lost because of sloppy shooting and shots taken at a low-percentage angle, and the result is a wounded deer. It’s far better to wait for the shot you want.”

Hunters as Teachers

I think that is the value of seasoned hunters sharing their stories. They love the sport and teach us the finer points of hunting.

Watch all the deer! Otherwise, a doe or fawn may move into line just as you fire!

I remember being in a deer blind with my husband and son, many years ago. Chris, our son, wanted to blast whatever came within range. It took some discussion to get Chris to agree that it wasn’t a particularly good shot.

I recall that Chris was surprised that Richard, his father, was so concerned about having a “clean kill” … that the animal dropped dead, and not race around wildly, in pain.

As a youngster, Chris saw the immediate gain; he believed he would never get another shot. Time and experience taught him that this wasn’t true.

Info for Bow Hunters

Richey admonishes, “Bow hunters with very little experience … : Never take a shot the buck (or doe) offers; wait for the shot you want or don’t shoot. It’s simple advice but many people count on luck rather than skill to put the arrow in the right spot.”

I’m not a bow hunter, but I can imagine that waiting for a long time with the bow set for action is incredibly tiring.

I’d say that an inexperienced bow hunter might have a hard time following his (very good) advice.


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