To Be a Great Angler, You Need to Understand How Fish Use Their Senses!

Marine biologists are usually fantastic anglers because they have learned how fish use their senses.  If you can learn this, you will be more successful too!

The Difference Between You and a Fish

Fish Don't Have Ears; The Pores in their Lateral Line Help Them Sense Anglers and Noise!

Most folks enjoy fishing as a pleasant way to spend time.  If you don’t get any fish today, you can come back tomorrow!

Now if a fish makes a mistake, he will find himself  sizzling in your frying pan!  A fish isn’t as smart as you are, but he uses every instinct and sense he has – to avoid being your dinner.

Most days, you will come away thinking the fish has all the luck on his side.  Actually, he has had more practice than you have!

He puts his life on the line daily.  He lives by the adage:  Eat or be eaten!

A Fish’s Sense of Hearing

Generally, fish have 4 senses and we have 5.  However, they use those senses so effectively, we usually come out second best!

Fish have a great sense of sight, they have an incredible sense of smell, they can hear you thousands of feet away and they anticipate your moves through their sense of vibrations.

Note the lateral line on the drawing of the fish above. These are sensory cells that run the length of the fish’s body on both sides.

Amazingly, these cells process low-frequency vibrations. In other words, these cells serve a hearing function that is much more sensitive than ours!

They can feel vibrations and/or hear sounds that occur in the water (up to ~ 100 feet away).

How to Use this Info

Fish can hear sounds/vibrations caused by anglers walking near water!   Fish cannot hear sounds that do not pass into the water; quiet talking is OK.

Fish may not hear quiet talking above the water, but they are definitely “tuned in” to noise and movement in a boat.  Running, jumping, walking on land notifies fish that you are near.


Come back for more exciting drama:

How Fish Use Their Other Senses!

(I’ll bet you can hardly wait!)


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* I’ve been unable to find the owner of this image.   I’m using this diagram under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, for educational purposes only.

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