Changes Are Coming to This Blog & My Website!

Have You Noticed?

The title of this blog has already changed … and my website’s name will change soon, too.

Hot New Arrival! Harley-Davidson Design! *

Why Change?

The short answer to,  “Why are you changing your name?” is doesn’t say what I sell.

In this day of instant communications, if you don’t say what you mean, folks don’t hang around long enough to figure out what you are about!

Harley Davidson Chrome Eagle Graphic: Dramatic and Gorgeous! *

Benefits To You

I usually groan when I see something “new and improved.”  It usually hides a price increase and it usually isn’t an improvement.

I believe this WILL be an improvement that you will see rather quickly.

  • The new website will load faster,
  • It will be easier to use,
  • We will have a sale, to celebrate!

Another New Harley Davidson Design! *


Lots more rear window graphics will appear on my new website.  Currently, I have only about one-half of the graphics showing at any one time.

After the move, we will have over 750 beautiful graphics — all available in one place!  We are adding whole new categories:

  • Fantasy graphics,
  • Tattoo stickers,
  • motocross scene decals,
  • more motorcycle “biker” graphics,
  • snowboarding,
  • surfing stickers,
  • at least 1/3 more military branches graphics,
  • lots more patriotic decals,
  • about 1/3 more wildlife stickers,
  • and many more ….

New Harley-Davidson Graphic # 3: Metal Skull! *

The Latest

I have 4 new Harley-Davidson designs available for sale.  Until my site moves, I cannot show these last two, although they are available for sale.  See notes below.

New Harley Davidson Graphic # 4: Girl on a Harley *


All of these Rear Window Graphics are shown with the permission of Vantage Point Graphics, owner of the copyright.


1st photo: Harley Davidson Departed Wing in Pink (New #1)

2nd:  Harley Davidson Chrome Eagle

3rd:  Harley Davidson Angled in Pink (New #2)

4th photo: Harley-Davidson Metal Skull (New #3)

5th: Harley-Davidson Girl on a Harley (New #4)


This is a companion to my website:

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