Just Wondering: Would You Use Any of These Techniques to Snare a Wild Turkey?

Some Unique Ways of Snaring a Wild Turkey! **

While trolling around the Internet, I chanced upon this article:  How to Turkey Hunt Effectively – Clever Techniques to Lure Turkeys Into Compromising Situations.”

The title was so interesting, I had to read it.

The Author’s Ideas for Turkey Hunting

The author,  Bill M Murphy, advocates using the following:

  • Using baits (food, fruit, worms, etc.)
  • Adding “small amounts of benzodiazepines and other barbiturates” to the food,
  • Using smoke bombs to swell the eye membranes of the turkey,
  • Using flashes or strong lights that would have “large amounts of gun powder …. This would produce a very bright light that would easily impair the eyes of the turkey.”

The Author’s Credentials

Mr. Murphy is a “Platinum Level” author for Ezine Articles. At the end of his article, he suggests: “If you would like more tips on how to turkey hunt and separate yourself from the usual results obtain by amateur turkey hunters, please visit http://www.howtohuntturkey.com

My Questions

After reading the article, I called MDH * at work, and read the article to him.   Before I tell you my thoughts, or what MDH said, I’d like to throw the questions out to you:

What do you think about these ideas?

Have you every tried any of these?  Results?

Are they legal in your state?

Inquiring minds would like to know!  Please comment.


* MDH = My Dear Husband

** Rear Window Graphic used by permission of Vantage Point Graphics


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