Very Rare: Real Photos of a Black Fawn!

Fab Photos!

Before you question what you’re seeing here, these are real. They are of a very rare melanistic black fawn; in fact, according to Snopes, this is rarer than the animal becoming an albino fawn.

They were shot in Austin TX this year and they appeared on the photographer’s web site.

Note: More info below the photos!





If You are Having A Hard Time Believing These Are Real

I don’t blame you!  Here’s the scoop from Snopes ….

These black whitetail deer are even more rare than albino whitetails!

These photos come from the website of  R.M.Buquoi Photographics.  In his response to Snopes questioning him about the photos, he states that the pair of fawns are twins, though only one is the rare black.

For more info, click on the underlined Snopes and website above.


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