Amazing Photos: An Oklahoma Cowboy & His Bull

And to think I assumed that all the “characters” lived in Texas;  I stand corrected!

These photos also come from MDH! *

* MDH = My Deer Husband

I checked Snopes and there was nothing online at this time.

These are unique ….

This ol' boy stuck to the 2 lane and gravel roads!


This cowboy bought the bull in Kansas ...


And was transporting him to Tulsa, Oklahoma!


Even Ripley would have trouble believing this one!


Good thing I didn't see this ...


I'd probably have had a traffic accident because I was laughing so hard!


What do you think NHD means? (See the side of the bull)


I don't want to travel with this cowboy anytime soon!

I have no idea if these photos were photoshopped!  They were just too great not to share!


This is a companion to my website:

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