Vintage Hunting Photos!

Outdoor Life

The magazine, Outdoor Life, has some nifty vintage photos of hunters online.  They comment that some of these photos are 100+ years old!

Printed on the photo: 'One Day's Sport at Yellther (maybe Kellther), Minn."


This Photo is Dated 1915!

I wonder how these guys shot a deer each!  All I see are suits and hats, and not a lick of de-scenting soap or ghillie suit amongst them!

Maybe deer have gotten smarter over the years … or maybe it is just companies have gotten smarter about convincing us we need all the gear we use while hunting.  Hm-m-m-m-m, makes you wonder.

Just click on the underlined words, Outdoor Life Hunting for the rest of the 44 images available to admire.


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  1. yeah my dad will like this

  2. […] has become as much a fashion statement as a way to hide from game.  If you looked at the vintage photos I ran a few weeks ago, none of those hunters had […]

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