The Skinny on Salt Water Fishing Equipment

If you have salt water and fresh water fishing equipment, you know that you spent a bundle more on the gear for saltwater fishing!

Salt Water Fishing Calls for Heavier Gear! *

Saltwater fishing rods/reels are larger and tend to hold more (and heavier) line.  These rigs are used in less friendly climates:  As you fish, surf, spray and humidity are taking a toll on your equipment.

Most rods come with a protective coat, but this wears away in the elements over time.

What we will talk about today are saltwater fishing gear maintenance:

Cleaning, Lubricating and Storing

These elements are important for all of your gear, but saltwater fishing equipment requires attention after every outing.  Failing to do these simple steps is like tossing money out of a window!


You are washing saltwater gear to remove the salt and chemicals — which are very corrosive to fishing tackle.  We line up the rods/reels along an outdoor wall and spray them carefully.

A little dish washing liquid helps cut through the salt and grit. Choose a  dish washing liquid without extra, harsh ingredients.  If you use a soap with degreasers, etc., and don’t remove all of it, you have created a new problem.  Simple is best.


Your reel needs a bit (a tiny bit) of extra tender loving care. Sporting goods stores sell reel lube oil.  A little bit goes a long way!

That dab of oil reduces friction in your reel and other moving parts — and keeps your fishing reel smoothly running.


Why is careful storage important?  Your gear is probably still wet and it needs to air dry.  Placing your reel and rod in a humid, moist area will help rust and mildew form.

Another concern is making sure insects and rodents can’t  make a nest in and on your equipment!

Keeping a rod out of the sunlight is another saver.  Twenty+ years ago, I sewed parts of an old sheet into a long tube.  The rods are still hanging in the garage, safe in that tube!

Even if the fishing line were free, which it is not, it still takes a long time to put new line on your reel.

With saltwater gear, remember: Take a little time now and save money and time later.


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Today is our Anniversary: My husband and I have been married 41 years!  Where has the time gone?


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