How Many Trail WebCams Do You Need?

When life moved a bit slower, hunters spent lots of time in the woods before hunting season started.  It was a great way to get the lay of the land and take notes on animal movements.

This, in turn, helped the hunter decide where to place tree stands or blinds.  This was an effective method — but very time-consuming!

Then along came this nifty little time-saver, called a …

Waterproof Trail Surveillance Camera

The price of surveillance cameras has continued to drop.  They are now

Clever Gadget that Watches Game for You!

in the price range of most hunting enthusiasts.

Because they work 24 hours/day and every day of the year, these workhorses can give information about the animals that call your patch of land “home,” as well as the deer — and other game —  just passing through.

Locations to Watch

If you can afford more than one hunting cam, you will need to prioritize your watching.  Remember that these tools offer knowledge.

Successful hunters are ones usually the ones who have advanced knowledge of the terrain, deer’s habits, bedding areas, etc.

Like us, deer move according to their routine and habit.  As you watch the time-stamped video, you will begin to see patterns.

Places to Consider

  • High traffic (well-used) game trails,
  • Where game gets water,
  • Where game feeds,
  • Narrows:  locations game traverse to get to other feeding/watering areas.

Benefits of a Trail Scouting Camera

The most obvious one is that a hunter can place a hunting stand or blind in the most favorable place to intercept the game he/she is seeking.

You will get the bead on locations for morning and evening hunts.

If I have seen the same deer, over time, graze, bed down, etc., I’m going to be more willing to stay in my hiding place, waiting for that deer, even when conditions aren’t much fun (rain, snow, etc.).

Being a successful hunter is all about knowledge, patience and luck.  A trail webcam can give knowledge and patience. You have to bring the luck to the party!

How Many Hunting Cams Do You Need?

Let’s return to our original question.  Only you can answer that question.

Determining factors will include:

  • How much land do you need to watch?
  • How many major game trails traverse the land?
  • How many of these gadgets can you afford?  Spread the cost around:  ask for one for your birthday, one for the holidays, etc.

Remember, with a hunter’s webcam, you can decide before the season starts which animal you want to find in the crosshairs of your gun! ;- )


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