How Weather Fronts Affect Bass Fishing


Weather Changes Affect Fishing!


Weather has a profound effect on fishing.  Today, I want to talk about one aspect of weather:  fronts.  Naturally, there is a yin and yang:  a cold front and a warm front.

I know you don’t want a weather lesson.  However, to be able to use the information, you need to understand a bit of weather.

A Warm Front

From Wikipedia:  “A warm front is … the leading edge of an advancing mass of warm air; it separates warm air from the colder air ahead.”

A warm front can occur in any season.  These 2 factors determine if this front will help you in fishing for bass.  If a warm front blows through your fishing area in the winter or early spring, fish will get frisky and eat more.

However, if a warm front comes in during the long summer, fish will move to deeper water and eat less.

A Cold Front


Understanding how Weather Affects Bass - and Other Fish - Will Help You Become a More Successful Angler! *


Since bass and other fish like warm conditions, a cold front usually means that the fishing will slow down.  However, there are a few exceptions.


After the long, hot summer, the first cold front send fish into a feeding frenzy.  Once the live bait starts moving, bass and the other fish follow. 

As the water starts to cool, fish instinctively know they must “fatten up” for what might be a very cold winter.  Your choice of bait at this time is less important that the fact that you have your hook in the water!

Bass notice shiny things that move rapidly.

During the winter months, it is important to fish before the front strikes the area.  Fish increase their eating before the front — and get quiet for a few days after the front blows through the area.

Remember, bass — and other fish — move to deep pools during the winter months.  However, you can try an alternative idea:  The bass that don’t move to those deep pools bunch together in reedy, grassy areas.

Since the water is cold, fish don’t move very quickly.  Make sure you slow down the movement of your bait!

It is going to take a bit of bait “charm” to get bass to move out of their safe spot.  The fish won’t bother to move if the bait moves too fast.


This Bass Rear Window Graphic is Used by Permission of ClearVue Graphics.


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