Human Scent and Deer Hunting

Motion and Scent are More Important than UV Brighteners! *

I believe that a hunter’s site of  “up wind” versus “downwind” is more important than the soap used!  Developing an understanding of the terrain, winds and wind thermals seem more important to me.

In fact, I’ve read that the number 1 rule of success during a deer hunt is scouting the land before-hand!  Having knowledge of deer trails, checking spore and knowing where water lies, are important to success.

Human Scent and Deer Hunting

Deer are much more sensitive to scent — and they can detect scent from greater distances. There are some products that promise to remove scent from the hunter.

I wonder if they work? Could it be that deer notice when there is no scent, as well as when there is too much human smell?

You might want to take note of some of the interesting suggestions hunters offer to handle human scent (See:  For the Hunter with Everything, Including UV Brighteners! and  More Tips to Hide Your Scent).

I think a hunter’s movement is another important consideration.


Only you can decide how important this issue is to you. Perhaps the UV brightener-killer is right for your needs. However, I read something from R. Henshaw (on a forum).

He suggested purchasing a large box of 20 Mule Team Borax. “Wash your hunting clothes in that, do not use fabric softeners, do not use dryer sheets. ”

I’ve decided that ‘it’s a plan.’ Before I try the high-priced solutions, I’m going to keep it simple.

Another idea I’m considering: Repair MDH’s (my deer husband’s) old hunting clothes, languishing in the back of a closet!

Until recently, when textile manufacturing moved to China, this was a non-issue, no problem. I’m also planning to check out thrift stores in our area for camo not bearing the tag, “Made in China.”

One company is touting their wool hunting garments as an alternative to the ‘glowing goods’ that seem to be everwhere in the stores today.

However, I think there is something close to ‘undue concern’ about the glowing hunting goods, to the exclusion of issues that just might matter more.

**For more info about the amount of borax to use, go to article, “Words of Wisdom & A Bit of Humor” and look at the bottom paragraphs.

Remember: Scent and movement are more important (they can be seen/smelled further away) than the color of your clothing or whether it has UV brighteners.


*’Early Snowfall’ used through the courtesy of Vantage Point Graphics


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