Quick Tips for New Bowhunters

Here are some tips for bowhunters gathered from a variety of sources:  books, magazines and expert bowhunters, I’ve met over the years.

I really admire anyone who uses a bow to hunt.  It seems incredibly difficult to master the technique and bring down game!

Using Scent to Attract Large Game

In order to get a shot at a whitetail (or other large game), it is necessary


A Few Tips for Bowhunters!


for that game to cooperate by moseying across your path.

The idea is to place some scent (that will attract the deer) in one area in front of you, on the opposite side from the one you use to shoot arrows.   If an animal heads toward the scent, you will know precisely where it will go.

A left-handed bowhunter should place the scent in an area in front and to the right of his/her site.  The scent should be placed to the front and left of a right-handed person’s position.

The idea behind placing the scent in front of you is that the deer will be attending to the scent — and not you.

Practicing During Miserable Conditions

Successful bowhunters assure me that game usually saunters past when conditions are at their worst — especially during wet and windy times.

Do you practice under those conditions?  Since the wind can affect your aim, you need to know how to compensate.

You may find that your release of the arrow feels sloppy when wet weather causes the string to hang up.

Waiting for a good shot in lousy weather isn’t so much fun.   Staying out in ugly weather is even less fun when you miss.  Practicing in less-than-perfect weather is important for future success!

Two More Tips for Bowhunters

  • Make sure your bow and arrows are matched to each other,
  • If you need to economize, pinch pennies when you buy your bow, not on your arrows!

Recurve and Penetration Problems

When you shoot from a tree stand,  do you drop your bow arm instead of bending from the waist to aim-and-release?  By standing up and lowering the arm, the draw length is shortened.

“With a recurve, this means less energy is available to drive the arrow.  The bow gets blamed when our shooting form is the culprit.” *


* Quote from S F Burke, bowhunting teacher


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If you are interested, come on by!  I don’t plan to announce it on Twitter.  On Monday, we will be back to “our regularly scheduled program.”


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