5 Quick Tips for Newbie Hunters

These 5 tips come from experienced hunters.

Waiting for Hunting Season to start? So is he! *

Smelling ‘Right’

After washing  your hunting clothes and drying them in open air,* add your boots to a large plastic bag, along with the crushed leaves and other vegetation from your hunting site.  Seal it closed and allow to ‘steep.’

The odors will seep into your clothes, making you fit into the smell of the area you plan to hunt.

Your Hunting Boots

Don’t wear your hunting clothes or boots when you are adding gasoline (or any other fuel) .   Experienced hunters also avoid wearing their clothes/boots in diners or ‘greasy spoons.’

These scents (gasoline, kerosene, cooked food odors) cling to clothing and boots.

Did You Know?

Your wrists, like your scalp, lose heat rapidly.  Blood flows close to the skin surface in both places, requiring covering to keep you comfortable while hunting.

As you can imagine, keeping your wrists covered is a challenge while shooting or using a bow.  Gloves are effective, but they might interfere with your shooting.

Lots of hunters have started using wrist bands (used by athletes, tennis players, etc.) — either without gloves or under gloves and/or mittens.

Playing it Safe in a Tree Stand

Every year,  several hunters die falling from their tree stand or when their gun discharges while climbing into  their stand.

A safety belt: It’s an important piece of gear  for anyone using a tree stand.  Safety isn’t it’s only value; it also helps steady your aim for distance shots.

A properly adjusted belt will end the fear of falling — thus adding to your enjoyment of the hunt!

Deer are Excellent Swimmers

When hunting for a suitable hunting spot, look for water!  Deer seem to consider water as a barrier to detection.  Deer do not hesitate to enter water.

They are known to swim beaver ponds and swamps, as well as wade creeks to escape from hunters and dogs.

When looking for deer, be sure to scan the banks for trails leading out of the water and up the bank.  As creatures of habit, they may come for water and/or cross the river or creek at the same place.

This is a great site for a hunting spot!


* Your dryer has ‘dryer sheet residue’ (complete with fru-fru smells). Hang them out to dry instead.


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