Some Unusual Hints for Hunters

When I meet experienced hunters, I ask questions.  Sometimes their tips are priceless!  I’ve saved time, money and aggravation because some old hunter took the time to share his experience.

As You Increase Your Knowledge of Deer and Their Habits, You Increase Your Chances of Success!


Take a Snapshot

This tip is so obvious — and yet I would not have thought of it myself!   The next time you have finished packing for a hunting trip, take a photo.

Why?  Let me count the ways ….

  • If your goods are lost or stolen, you will have a complete inventory of the items you brought.
  • If found, you have a way of identifying your goods.
  • On your next hunting trip, you can glance at the photo and remember everything you took.
  • You will probably be able to remember the things you forgot to take then (If you have a poor memory, write notes on the back of the photo).
  • You will probably be able to remember the things you took that you didn’t need (Add notes on the back about this too).
  • Add the photo to your hunting album.  Most hunters take photos of their trophies;  this will probably be the only photo in the album documenting the gear you took to the hunt.

Learning to Read Tracks

‘Reading what tracks are telling’ is an important skill for a hunter to learn.  Here are two tips that may help in your next hunting trip.

  • A hoofed animal that is running will spread his toes further apart than one that is walking.

However ….

  • A wounded animal that is walking, will spread his toes further apart to stay balanced … as he becomes weaker.

Scouting Before Hunting Season Starts

I am personally convinced that some ‘hunting gremlins’ run around announcing the beginning of hunting season.

Thus, taking a last look around just before the season starts is important.

  • It seems that ‘on cue’ deer change from summer foods to their diet for the fall months.
  • As the weather cools down, deer find new bedding spots, in more sheltered areas.
  • Before and during the rut, bucks are covering more territory — in a more restless way.

For these reasons, the later you scout the area (before the season starts), the more chances you have of being in the ‘right place at the right time.’


‘Higher Ground’ used by permission of ClearVueGraphics


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