Quick Tips for Goose Hunters

Here are a few tips from experienced goose hunters for newbies.

Note: The Geese Stay in the Middle of the Field *


Hunting in a Field

Geese are wily adversaries;  they live by their wits.  If they make a mistake, they become your supper!  Thus, they are wary.

If you are aiming to take home your limit of geese, knowing a few things about these fowl will help you choose a good hiding spot.

How Geese Feed in a Field

Watch geese as they land in a field to feed.  They do not land or feed near any obstruction, patch of brush or a fence row.   They prefer to stay in open areas, generally near the center of a field.

When You Set Up for Goose Hunting

Don’t bother to set a blind near an obstruction, such as a line of trees or a hedge.  Instead, choose the highest spot in the field, staying as close to the center of the field as possible.

The Worst Time to Hunt Geese

Geese use the light of a full moon to do serious night-time noshing.  Then, in the morning, they return to hiding spots to rest — and stay away from hunters.

The Best Time to Hunt Geese

Look for cold, windy days — with a storm front on its way — to hunt for geese.  Other good days are ones when there is plenty of fog or mist.

Under these conditions, geese will be moving all day!

When to Shoot

On the days mentioned above (cold, windy, foggy or misting), it is often hard to estimate how close the geese are flying.

Experienced hunters say they wait until they can clearly see the geese’s feet or eyes.   (I’ll bet you thought I was going to say:  Wait until you see the ‘whites of their eyes.’   Gotcha!)


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