What’s So Great About the New Camouflage?

This Ghillie Suit Jacket is 'Leafy Green' Pattern.

If you have been in a hunting goods store lately, you have seen a dizzying array of camouflage patterns.

Three or 4 years ago, I was sure there were a ridiculous number of camo patterns and that the market was saturated!

Hah!  Boy was I wrong!  High-definition and other ‘new generation’ camo patterns have really become popular.

Who would have thought?

Back to the Basics

Camo has become as much a fashion statement as a way to hide from game.  If you looked at the vintage photos I ran a few weeks ago, none of those hunters had camo.

Some hunters today, however, seem to think that camo clothing makes them invisible.  Thus, today I’m sharing a cautionary tale.

Game Outsmarting Hunters

Deer, and other wild game, use their senses to detect trouble (Psst:  All hunters = trouble).

They use these 3 senses to stay away from trouble:

  • eyes
  • nose
  • ears

Camo helps protect you from game’s prying eyes.  By wearing a camo pattern that blends in with your surroundings, you become harder to see — but not invisible!

Blending in is very important!  If you are wearing the camo pattern in the photo above while hunting in an area of dead brush and dry river beds, you will not blend in.  You might as well be wearing neon!

Eyes and Movement

There’s a second factor in what deer (and other game) are watching for — movement.  The more you blend into the background, the more movement you can get away with — without being discovered.

That is where these ‘new generation’ camo patterns are so useful.  High-definition (or hi-def) fabrics are much more 3 dimensional than previous patterns.

This RealTree Hardwood Green Pattern Seems to Have Leaves Layered on Top of Twigs & Branches of Trees!

The vertical lines of the branches are like woody areas.

However, the best camo in the world will not protect you from the keen senses of your prey, if you are:

  • moving while game is gazing directly at you, {eyes}
  • walking and making noise like a human (instead of other game), {ears}
  • wiggling too much while in your tree stand, {eyes}
  • smelling like a human, {nose}
  • having nicotine, alcohol and gasoline/oil odors on your person, {nose}
  • allowing sunlight to strike shiny surfaces near you (your watch, your weapon, etc.), {eyes}


Camo is a wonderful tool; combine its use with good woodsmanship skills  for a successful hunt!


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