A Few Tips for Deer Hunting from a Tree Stand

Tree Stand Safety

A tree stand in a wonderful invention but wind, weather and time can wreak havoc on the structure.

  • Before hunting, check the stand for safety.
  • Check the fastening system that keeps the stand attached to the tree.
  • Are the tree spikes secure?  Can they hold your weight?
  • Make sure your string or rope (used to raise & lower your unloaded weapon or bow) is secure and ready-at-hand.
  • Do you have a harness system that secures you to the tree?

    Tree Stands Can Really Make a Difference! Make Sure They are Placed at Least 10 - 12 feet up - and out of a Deer's Line of Sight!


Check the color of your tree stand.  I knew a hunter who never got within shooting range of a deer until he realized the bottom of his stand was shiny.  When he painted the tree stand matte, he solved the problem!


Deer Stands in Dry Areas

In dry areas, deer will drink water each day.  Before setting up your tree stand near a water source, make sure the tracks are fresh.

  • Deer usually get water in the afternoon, before going out to feed and in the morning, before heading to their bedding areas.
  • Have you checked the topographical map for the area for the number & size of local watering holes?
  • Your best chance of getting a deer while watering is if the watering pools/ holes are far apart.
  • If there is too much water in a small area, the deer can pick-and-choose the spot and your chance of being at the right place is smaller!
  • Deer know they are vulnerable at watering holes & they stay alert. Skittish deer will bolt at the first sign of movement or noise.  They don’t hang around to find out who/what made the noise!


Tree Stand Deer Hunting on Public Lands

  • Stay in your tree stand as long as possible if other hunters are around.
  • Some hunters hunt in the early morning and leave by 8 am, to get to work.
  • Between 10 am and 2 pm:  hunters are moving to and from lunch.
  • All this hunter movement keeps the deer moving too.
  • In this situation, your best tree stand spot where wooded areas meet and form a natural funnel.  Deer prefer to avoid open areas and use these natural screens.


More on this topic soon!


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