Ready for Deer Hunting Season

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The Rut Distracts Deer from Their Usually Cautious Behaviors!


You have done it all: You have watched the deer trails in preseason; studied the topographical maps so you can see the lay of the land in your sleep, and gotten the fix on the prevailing winds of your hunting area. You are ready for deer season!

Deer Are Ready

While you have scoured the catalogs for the latest gear in hunting deer, your foe has been getting ready too. As summer changes to fall, the blood testosterone in the bucks rise, which signals the antlers to harden and the velvet to curl up and fall off.

Without a mirror to view his ‘rack,’ bucks start whacking their antlers against small saplings or cedar bushes. They need to learn what they can and can’t do with their head-gear! This exercise also develops their neck and shoulder muscles.

Before the rut starts, the male deer start sparring with other bucks in the group, honing their skills and determining their hierarchy in the herd. The prize: The dominant buck will mate with the most does.

Surprisingly, dominance is not determined by antler-goring but by deer flailing each other with their front legs, while standing on their back two legs!

If you are lucky enough to witness one of these fights, you will be struck by the awesome and savage majesty of nature!

Fortunately for hunters, as time moves closer to breeding, the bucks lose interest in fighting with each other and start searching for receptive does.

Deer Season and ‘the Rut’

State game wardens generally set deer hunting season during the deer breeding season. This is good timing for hunters because deer, which are usually extremely cautious, wily and nimble, let their guard down for a few weeks.

However, once a hunter zeroes in on a whitetail, the buck literally snaps to attention! The hunter usually only gets one shot because the buck does the impossible: He jumps, he swerves, he soars – and he’s gone!

The Annual Conflict

The reason most hunters return each year is because they love pitting their deer knowledge against the instincts of a beautiful foe.

Deer hunters come out second-best so often because they are fighting for their dinner, while the buck knows he is fighting for his life!


“Dream Team One-on-One” – used by permission of Vantage Point Graphics!


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