Predicting Weather for Outdoor Hunting, Fishing, Etc.

Learning to Predict Weather

With all the wizardry that modern science offers meteorologists, it still seems  impossible to offer accurate long-range forecasts.  There are just too many variables involved in weather.

It is one occupational path I’ve never wanted to follow.  One has to have a very thick hide to take all the ribbing and griping directed at the weather-man (or woman).

However, to engage in outdoor activities, it is helpful to learn some basic weather facts.  If you recall, a few weeks ago, I wrote about a careful angler who was struck by lightning, during light rain with thunder sounding many miles away.

Sometimes, you can rate the weather with these facts — so you can take a

Cumulus Clouds are Fluffy and Aren't High in Altitude

quick hunting, camping or fishing trip (even when weather folks can’t give a clear prediction).  Also, these hints may help you decide when to abandon your activity.

Fair Weather Needs

  • You can expect fair weather when early morning fog burns off by noon
  • Wind is blowing from the west or northwest
  • The barometric pressure remains steady or rises slowly
  • Cumulus clouds are in the sky

Cold Temperatures Need

  • The night is clear, with no clouds or wind
  • The barometric pressure is rising in winter or
  • The pressure rises before a front blows into the area

Rain and/or Snow Needs 

Clouds Darken, the Air Feels Saturated with Moisture, Winds Shift & Strengthen


  • The sky grows darker
  • The barometric pressure is falling
  • Winds from the south get stronger
  • Cumulus clouds darken, thicken and get taller
  • The wind shifts counterclockwise

Weather Will Clear When

  • The barometric pressure starts a quick rise.
  • Wind direction shifts from south to west

Watch Those Cloud Formations!

Clouds are important indicators of weather changes.  As you see from the two pictures above, as the clouds get larger and thicker, the weather is changing — for the worse.

Watch the speed of the cloud’s movement.  As clouds move faster, they are telling you 2 things:  the wind is changing and the barometric pressure is changing.   This can be an early warning of a storm.


If you are observant, you can maximize your time outdoors.  Learning certain truisms of cloud formations and  how weather changes, will help you make better camping, hunting and fishing decisions!


Soon: How Does the Weather Affect Wild Game & Their Terrain?


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