Turkey Hunting: Getting Ready

With Valentine’s Day upon us, can turkey hunting season be far behind?

I’ve read about the ‘Americas before Columbus’ and I was surprised by one fact.  What were the 2 largest domesticated animals at the time of Columbus in the Americas?

The Europeans brought pigs, horses and cattle.  The llama and turkey were already here!  Turkeys have a long history in the New World.

Turkeys, Like this Threesome, Don't Have a Great Sense of Smell. But their Other Senses Work Just Fine, Thank You Very Much!

Getting Ready for Spring Turkey Hunting

It may seem a little early to talk about turkey season since most standing water is frozen rock solid.  However, there are lots to do to prepare for hunting turkeys.


  • Find possible hunting sites or areas,
  • Get a topographical and/or other map to understand the ‘lay of the land,’
  • Check out field locations in early hours for gobbling or turkey tracks/spore,
  • Look for places where turkeys may take water – along creek beds and river bottoms,
  • Work on your calling skills.  You will need to learn a variety of calls before the season starts. Go to this article to get free help with turkey calls:  Talkin’ Turkey: Typical Behaviors
  • Try to go to your hunting site regularly so you can learn the terrain and hone in on turkey roosts and feeding areas.
  • However, if you spook the turkeys too much, they will move away from your proposed hunting site before the season starts.
  • Start looking over your camouflage clothing for the new season. Your clothes will need to match the foliage where you will be hunting.
  • Take your shotgun and check the pattern of the shot.  Here’s more info: Turkey Hunting: Choosing the Right Load for Your Shotgun

Opening a New Can of Worms

If you are new to the sport of turkey hunting, you may not be aware of the research related to turkey (and deer) eyes.  Essentially, new research indicates that turkeys and deer can see some colors.

In low light (early morning and dusk), they can see the blue glow coming from some hunter’s garb.  It’s a longish issue.  You can read more here:


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