A Few Words About Siberian Huskies & Wolves

Ever since our son brought home a Siberian Husky, I’ve been fascinated by wolves.  I think Huskies are (only) slightly more evolved wolves.


Siberian Huskies are Domesticated Wolves!


We live in south Texas and one summer we had daily temperatures in the 100+.  Akula, our Husky, kept dropping weight and looked awful; I took the fateful step of moving him inside with us.

And our World Changed

Akula (Russian for ‘shark’) regained his lost weight and showed us what a ‘sociable’ dog can be.  He followed us into the bathroom … peeked at us from under the kitchen table … slept on his floor rug beside our bed.

After Akula died a few years ago (of old age – 12 years-old), he left a huge void in our lives.

My husband and I agreed it is unfair to bring a ‘cold-weather dog’ to such a hot climate.

When I get nostalgic about Akula, I take wolf and husky books out of the library.  I thought I’d share with you some of what I’ve learned.

Facts About the Wolf


Wolf Howling at a Full Moon


About 12,000 years ago, man domesticated some wolves.  They are the ancestors of  all our dog breeds today.

It’s rather hard to see any wolf in a Pomeranian dog but no problem at all when you are looking at a Siberian Husky.

Huskies still have the howling trait of their forefathers, while most dogs bark.

When the 17th century colonists arrived in America, wolves ranged over all of North America from Canada’s Arctic tundra to central Mexico.

The only areas wolves did not inhabit were:  the southeast corner of the US and coastal Mexico and California.

The only other mammal that has adapted to such a range of climates and terrains is man!

More tomorrow!



‘Teamwork’ used by permission of Vantage Point Graphics.

‘Howling in the Snow’ is used by permission of Restyler’s Choice.


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